Ultimate Guide To Domestic Assault

A domestic assault case can be very serious if the perpetrator does not cooperate with authorities. Several options to help you get the charges dismissed include a diversionary program that offers counseling, anger management classes, and community service. However, this only works if the alleged victim cooperates with authorities. To become a domestic assault lawyer, go through this article first. 


A potentially deadly form of assault, strangulation may not be detected immediately, but it can easily turn fatal. Within minutes, a victim can fall unconscious and die. Because it is difficult to detect, this crime wasn’t treated as serious until recently.

Physical assault:

While there are many types of assault, physical assault during a domestic assault is a specialized crime that requires a specialized defense strategy. This type of assault involves an intentional attempt to cause a great bodily injury or serious injury. A weapon often accompanies it. Other types of assault include simple assault, sexual abuse, and menacing in the first, second, or third degree.


Domestic assault and battery charges are very serious and can affect you, your children, and even your civil family law case. The charges may also require anger management classes or community service. In addition, you could be placed under protective orders that prevent you from contacting your family, your former spouse, or your ex-partner.

Sexual assault:

Sexual assault during a domestic assault can take on several forms. It may involve incomplete sexual acts, physical contact that is abusive or threatening, or verbal abuse. Some abusers may also force the victim to perform an act without their consent. This can result in physical ailments, post-traumatic stress disorder, or anxiety.

Emotional abuse:

Emotional abuse can be just as harmful as physical abuse. The effects are often invisible but can affect the victim’s self-esteem. Symptoms of emotional abuse can range from depression to feelings of worthlessness. It can also affect the victim’s sleep and physical health.

Legal defenses:

The legal defenses to domestic assault are various and can vary depending on the circumstances of the case. For instance, the alleged victim may have a history of violence and aggression. In such cases, the defendant may want to make an explanation of his actions as a mistake. Additionally, he may want to claim that he thought the victim was an intruder. However, this defense will be weakened if other elements show that the other party was armed or had a weapon in their hand.

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