Zensa Numbing Cream – A Basic Review 

The Zensa numbing cream contains 5% Lidocaine, a painkiller that helps desensitize the skin for painful procedures. This cream is perfect for tattoo procedures and is also effective for microblading and microneedling. It is a must-have for all tattoo procedures and won’t harm the ink.

5% lidocaine:

Zensa numbing cream is a topical anesthetic containing 5% lidocaine. It is a highly effective, fast-acting anesthetic that is safe to use for most procedures, including tattoos. It is non-irritating and does not contain vasoconstrictors such as prilocaine, which makes it an ideal choice for use on sensitive skin. It also has a neutral pH and can last up to 2 hours, making it perfect for tattooing and other painful procedures. This cream also contains vitamin E, which helps the skin heal faster.

Purified water:

When it comes to tattoo numbing, Zensa numbing cream is a great option. It contains 5% lidocaine, an anesthetic that helps numb the skin before painful procedures. In addition, the cream also contains anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin E oil. This makes it one of the safest topical anesthetics.

Vitamin E:

Zensa numbing cream is a safe and effective topical anesthetic containing 5% lidocaine and anti-inflammatory vitamin E. It has a three-year shelf-life and is pH neutral. It contains no cheap fillers, toxic chemicals, or irritating ingredients. This makes it a great choice for a tattoo numbing.

Neutral pH:

Zensa numbing cream is a top-quality product that is quick acting and long-lasting. It helps reduce pain and discomfort during microblading, waxing, and injections. It can also be applied to minor skin irritations to ease itching and pain. Health Canada and the FDA approve it. It is also made with health-conscious ingredients.


Zensa numbing cream contains 5% Lidocaine, a topical anesthetic that provides temporary numbing for painful procedures. It is applied generously and is effective within 1 to 2 hours. It does not contain vasoconstrictors and is pH neutral, so it won’t affect the ink. It also has a three-year shelf-life, making it one of the safest topical anesthetics.

Green tea:

Unlike many other numbing creams, Zensa is safe for sensitive skin, making it an excellent choice for tattoos and permanent makeup procedures. A pH balance of 7.2 will not cause a reaction if used on a child’s skin. Furthermore, since it contains no vasoconstrictors, it won’t slow the healing process during tattooing.

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