Recruitment Web Design and The Old House Building Analogy

Good, effective websites for recruiters have a good deal in common with other well-functioning websites. The key thing is that they are different things to different people. To recruitment clients, they need to convey different content to potential candidates. staircase supplier

You need to find a website developer with an appropriate blend of design, marketing and technology – if you go too heavy on either of these three factors, it’s likely you’ve gone to the wrong person. A well rounded web developer who is experienced in recruitment website design will help ensure that you get a great-looking, money-making, technically superior site set up in a short space of time.

The key to a successful site is first understanding what your target market are looking for. That’s why a good developer will start every project they do with thorough keyword research. Having simple online marketing knowledge – including Search Engine Optimisation – underpins everything from the architecture process onwards. If your target market can find you easily, you’ll be successful. And if you are successful, so will your web developers be.

The “Optimised Design Process” starts with keyword research. From a thorough understanding of the keywords that the site must support, the developer can then help you create a sitemap and content inventory.

The next phase is architecture: this is where I believe where “web design” companies go wrong. To use an analogy: don’t get the painters and decorators involved until the architect has properly laid the plans! Good website architects have years of experience in usability and in the planning and development of websites. Once the plans are agreed, the developers will then ask designers to get involved and create a contemporary design that reflects your brand.

To continue the house building analogy, good web developers will then ensure that the wiring and plumbing of the front-end to the back-end Recruitment CMS is done and and do all the necessary stuff to get it live on your website address.


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